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Ernest Hemingway Waits for Mary and Does Some Reading - Cuba 1945

Mary's first obligation on arriving in the US was to go to Chicago to see her elderly parents, and explain she was leaving Noel Monks so she could marry Ernest Hemingway. Ernest listened to Mary explain all of this over the telephone and then told her he couldn't possibly wait another two weeks before he saw her.
"I'm sorry, sugar, but I have to go and see the Elderlies, and explain. I really do.”
“ Sure, sure. Of course you do,” replied Ernest. “ Look I'll spend the time getting properly shipshape and Bristol fashion. All the folks here are looking forward to meeting you, and I've described you to them and they think you're real swell. And I've cut back on the drinking, not a drop until lunchtime, and only a small Tom Collins before lunch, and then only a half bottle of wine with lunch. And I do feel better, and the head is clearing real swell. Honey, please come home.”
“ I will. Just a couple of weeks. I have to see the Elderlies, and put their minds at res…

Ernest Hemingway Heads Home To Cuba, 1945

Early in 1945, after hearing that his son Jack was safe in a German POW camp, Hemingway went “shopping for transport” and found space for himself aboard a Super Fortress that was leaving on the 6th March from Orly. On the morning of his departure, at around 3am, he left a scribbled note for Mary:
My Dearest Pickle:
I will love you always. I am going to get our new life together started. Every minute that we are apart I shall be truly faithful. In my heart, in my heat, and in my body.
Your Loving Husband
The aircraft stopped over in London for refuelling, and Hemingway made his way to the Dorchester to look in on Martha – she hadn't yet moved into her new home - who was in bed with flu, and as miserable as sin about her relationship with Gavin. Hemingway didn't linger, just told her to get her hair cut, and to quit smoking. Martha yelled at him to get the hell out, and threw a vase of flowers at his departing back. On the landing outside he kissed a very unsuspecting …

Ernest Hemingway and Mary Drop in on Shakespeare & Co, Paris 1944

After breakfast, Hemingway and Mary headed toward the Luxembourg Gardens where they enjoyed listened to a French military band play a selection from Carmen. Then, after a coffee in the small café under the plain trees, they headed for the rue de Fleurus, which connects with the rue Guynemer that borders the western side of the gardens. Half way up the rue de Fleurus, on the left hand side, is number 27, and here Ernest and Mary stopped and rang the bell of Gertrude Stein's apartment. There was no answer. They tried again. Still no answer. After a while an elderly lady came out of a small dress shop opposite and told them that Miss Stein and Miss Toklas, having endured the hard years of German occupation, had, on a whim so to speak, taken a small house in the country, but where she did not know.
“ Perhaps Miss Beach at Shakespeare and Company could help, no?”
Ernest and Mary made their way back across the Luxembourg Gardens, past the gallery, and, after two left turns and a right…

Ernest Hemingway Saves Mary's Life - March and July, 1946

Ernest Hemingway's head is swirling, but he can't make out if he's asleep and dreaming, or awake and in a world he can't recognise, or has forgotten.
Then suddenly he's back in Nancy, two years earlier, in October1944 - a place and time that haunts him everyday - and he's trying to kill Colonel Park, and people are dragging him off and holding him and stopping him from tearing the Inspector General's throat out; and it needs tearing out because he has to be stopped from saying these things about him, stopped from questioning Hemingway's patriotism. Stopped! Stopped! Stopped!
Oh good, there's Mary. No, no, it's not, looks like her though, but obviously isn't her because she's walked straight past, didn't even look at me. It must have been her, I know Mary when I see her, don't I? I'll go after her, surprise her.
But Mary seems to have gone. No, there she is, over there, just going round that corner. Hemingway chases after her.

Ernest Hemingway gets the Bronze Star and Some Bad News - Cuba 1947

Throughout 1947 Hemingway was in a bad way both mentally and physically. Look at photographs of the man from this time and there is a far away, dreamy look in his eyes. But the novelist and Mary pretty much had the Finca to themselves in the early part of that year and were looking forward to Ernest's two youngest sons arriving. But on a visit to their mother both Patrick and Gregory were involved in a car crash. Although Gregory recovered quickly Patrick began to complain of headaches. Soon after the boys arrived in Cuba Mary was called away to Chicago where her father had been taken seriously ill with prostate cancer.

On the morning of the 14th of April Patrick was feverish and delirious, and by the evening had turned violent. Ernest quickly turned the Finca into a hospital and his staff into a team of nurses with each of them taking turns to watch over Patrick, with Hemingway himself taking the midnight watch. On the 16th Pauline arrived and took control of the Finca, and her …