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Ernest Hemingway gets the Bronze Star and Some Bad News - Cuba 1947

Throughout 1947 Hemingway was in a bad way both mentally and physically. Look at photographs of the man from this time and there is a far away, dreamy look in his eyes. But the novelist and Mary pretty much had the Finca to themselves in the early part of that year and were looking forward to Ernest's two youngest sons arriving. But on a visit to their mother both Patrick and Gregory were involved in a car crash. Although Gregory recovered quickly Patrick began to complain of headaches. Soon after the boys arrived in Cuba Mary was called away to Chicago where her father had been taken seriously ill with prostate cancer.

On the morning of the 14th of April Patrick was feverish and delirious, and by the evening had turned violent. Ernest quickly turned the Finca into a hospital and his staff into a team of nurses with each of them taking turns to watch over Patrick, with Hemingway himself taking the midnight watch. On the 16th Pauline arrived and took control of the Finca, and her …