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Ernest Hemingway Saves Mary's Life - March and July, 1946

Ernest Hemingway's head is swirling, but he can't make out if he's asleep and dreaming, or awake and in a world he can't recognise, or has forgotten.
Then suddenly he's back in Nancy, two years earlier, in October1944 - a place and time that haunts him everyday - and he's trying to kill Colonel Park, and people are dragging him off and holding him and stopping him from tearing the Inspector General's throat out; and it needs tearing out because he has to be stopped from saying these things about him, stopped from questioning Hemingway's patriotism. Stopped! Stopped! Stopped!
Oh good, there's Mary. No, no, it's not, looks like her though, but obviously isn't her because she's walked straight past, didn't even look at me. It must have been her, I know Mary when I see her, don't I? I'll go after her, surprise her.
But Mary seems to have gone. No, there she is, over there, just going round that corner. Hemingway chases after her.