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Ernest Hemingway and Mary Drop in on Shakespeare & Co, Paris 1944

After breakfast, Hemingway and Mary headed toward the Luxembourg Gardens where they enjoyed listened to a French military band play a selection from Carmen. Then, after a coffee in the small café under the plain trees, they headed for the rue de Fleurus, which connects with the rue Guynemer that borders the western side of the gardens. Half way up the rue de Fleurus, on the left hand side, is number 27, and here Ernest and Mary stopped and rang the bell of Gertrude Stein's apartment. There was no answer. They tried again. Still no answer. After a while an elderly lady came out of a small dress shop opposite and told them that Miss Stein and Miss Toklas, having endured the hard years of German occupation, had, on a whim so to speak, taken a small house in the country, but where she did not know.
“ Perhaps Miss Beach at Shakespeare and Company could help, no?”
Ernest and Mary made their way back across the Luxembourg Gardens, past the gallery, and, after two left turns and a right…