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Ernest Hemingway Heads Home To Cuba, 1945

Early in 1945, after hearing that his son Jack was safe in a German POW camp, Hemingway went “shopping for transport” and found space for himself aboard a Super Fortress that was leaving on the 6th March from Orly. On the morning of his departure, at around 3am, he left a scribbled note for Mary:
My Dearest Pickle:
I will love you always. I am going to get our new life together started. Every minute that we are apart I shall be truly faithful. In my heart, in my heat, and in my body.
Your Loving Husband
The aircraft stopped over in London for refuelling, and Hemingway made his way to the Dorchester to look in on Martha – she hadn't yet moved into her new home - who was in bed with flu, and as miserable as sin about her relationship with Gavin. Hemingway didn't linger, just told her to get her hair cut, and to quit smoking. Martha yelled at him to get the hell out, and threw a vase of flowers at his departing back. On the landing outside he kissed a very unsuspecting …