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Ernest Hemingway Waits for Mary and Does Some Reading - Cuba 1945

Mary's first obligation on arriving in the US was to go to Chicago to see her elderly parents, and explain she was leaving Noel Monks so she could marry Ernest Hemingway. Ernest listened to Mary explain all of this over the telephone and then told her he couldn't possibly wait another two weeks before he saw her.
"I'm sorry, sugar, but I have to go and see the Elderlies, and explain. I really do.”
“ Sure, sure. Of course you do,” replied Ernest. “ Look I'll spend the time getting properly shipshape and Bristol fashion. All the folks here are looking forward to meeting you, and I've described you to them and they think you're real swell. And I've cut back on the drinking, not a drop until lunchtime, and only a small Tom Collins before lunch, and then only a half bottle of wine with lunch. And I do feel better, and the head is clearing real swell. Honey, please come home.”
“ I will. Just a couple of weeks. I have to see the Elderlies, and put their minds at res…