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Ernest Hemingway - Martha Gellhorn, Robert Capa and Colonel Clarence C.Park, France 1944

Soon after returning to Paris in September 1944 Martha Gellhorn received a very friendly phone call from her estranged husband inviting her out to dinner with a few friends. Martha, who, strange as it may seem, still had a very soft spot for Ernest - and perhaps expected him to become again the man she first met back in 1936 - accepted his invitation, probably because she was feeling lonely and afraid.
The evening started off well enough, with Ernest describing his adventures with Lanham, and his first steps back onto German territory since the 1920s. But half way through the evening he became extremely antagonistic toward Martha, sniping continuously at her as a person, as a wife, and as a writer, and declaring there was no such thing as a good woman writer. It eventually became so bad, and embarrassing, that Hemingway's other guests made their excuses and left the restaurant, which Hemingway also blamed on Martha. When they were on their own Martha, her soft spot gone for good, an…