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Ernest Hemingway and Mary visit Italy - 1948

Hemingway couldn't wait to get what was his now rather battered old Buik off-loaded from the steamer  Jagiello  and start exploring what he was already describing as “this wonderful country.”
From Genoa they drove (the Hemingways had quickly hired a chauffeur) north to Milan where they were treated like visiting royalty, with Alberto Mondadori, one of Hemingway's publishers, assuring the author that his books had out-sold any other author since the end of World War II.
“ Everyone is reading you, Ernesto, everyone from the common sailor to the nobility.”
Hemingway just smiled, hugged, and kissed his jubilant publisher on the head.
Such was Hemingway's popularity in Italy that he left all of his Italian earnings in a Milan bank, using the money to finance all his future trips to that country – it made good economic sense in a post-war world where there were stringent restrictions on transferring money between countries.
To quote from Carlos Baker's biography, Hemingway&…