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Hemingway Finds His Band of Irregulars - World War II

A week after his holiday at the Hôtel de la Mère Hemingway and Pelkey - this time in a commandeered jeep, and on official reconnaissance business for Lanham -  found themselves on the outskirts of the town of Maintenon, half way between Chartres and Rambouillet, some twenty miles
south west of Paris. Here they located the 2nd Infantry Regiment of the 5th Division of the US Army resting in a patch of woodland. Hemingway asked a young lieutenant what news he had of any advancement toward Paris. The young officer knew very little - although he'd heard rumours that his own company was about to be replaced by one from the 7th Division - and directed Hemingway to a regimental outpost near Épernon, just a few kilometres closer to Rambouillet.
When Pelkey and Hemingway reached Épernon they encountered a bunch of irregular French fighters, under the command of a tired looking man called Tahon Marceau. This '..fierce looking bunch' of young men were stripped to the waist in the Aug…