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Mr and Mrs Hemingway - Christmas 1945 and getting Married

Christmas 1945, with Hemingway now officially divorced from Martha, was an emotional watershed for Hemingway and what he called "...the cooling-out period from the bumps and rigours of the war."
He seemed to have found a new source of energy, and was eager to spread the legend of his wartime exploits. He publicly announced that General Lanham was one "...of the finest, mostskilful, and most intelligent infantry officers he'd ever known." Hemingway was also quick to suggest that he'd been at Lanham's side during the weeks "...of the bitter fighting in September, November, and December of 1944."
Christmas was a quiet affair that year with Ernest, Mary, and Jack exchanging presents, drinking beer, and singing carols sitting on the terrace in the hot, clear sunshine of Cuba.
Hemingway was also working well on his new novel about his artist invention Thomas Hudson, who was really Hemingway. Everyday Hemingway wrote at least 1,000 words standing at his…